Runnership Program

What is the Akron Marathon Runnership Program? As part of our vision, the Akron Marathon promotes healthy active lifestyles for all abilities. In 2020, the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation is piloting a philanthropic program dedicated to reaching community members who could not typically afford a race entry, with a focus on serving the underprivileged, disadvantaged, or those struggling with mental health and/or recovery. These individuals would receive a free race entry to any event in the 2020 Akron Marathon Race Series. The Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation is pledging up to $7,000 to the success of this program. 

How will this program work? That’s where you come in! We’ve personally selected local non-profit organizations who already provide important services to community members to work with during this pilot program. We’re asking your organization to share several free race entries with your clientele based on your organizations services and eligibility. These individuals will be able to participate in one or more of our events in the Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Marathon Race Series. These entries are not able to be used by staff or board members, but to be used by the community members that you serve. These entries are not able to be sold, auctioned, used as a giveaway or prize, or for financial gain for your organization.   

What are we required to do? Great question! Your organization will receive five (5) free race entries to give to interested individuals who receive services from your organization. We ask that you provide a short essay describing why that individual was chosen and how they will benefit from running in one of our events. The Akron Marathon will provide you with a simple, post-event survey to share your experience with the Akron Marathon Runnership Program to help measure success of this pilot programWe would like feedback from the participant as well. Please Share Your Runnership Story.

What is the deadline for this program? The deadline for this year has closed. Applications for 2021 will open January 2021.

Can I get more information? Yes! Email your expressed interest and any questions to Carrie Washnock.