Find the best spots along our courses to make some noise and cheer on runners.

Spectators are a vital part of creating an exciting race atmosphere in Akron. Whether you’re here in support of one particular runner, or present to cheer on the masses, be sure to check out our spectator hot spots for enjoyable experiences throughout the Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Marathon Race Series!

Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, & Team Relay

The Akron Marathon will start at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens (714 N. Portage Path) at 7:30 a.m. Spectators will NOT be allowed to take the runner-only shuttles to the start line. Below are a few locations along the course to see your runner.

  • Fairlawn Country Club at mile 5.5
  • Full marathon or relay spectators who are parked downtown can come to Main and Market at mile 12.5 then head east to Broadway at mile 15.9
  • Reach Opportunity Center at Summit Lake at mile 23.1
  • Finish Line at Canal Park Stadium. Head to the Family Reunion Area, sections 1-5, for a great view of the Finish Line and wait for your family and friends to rejoin you here.

Please note: Spectators are not permitted into runners-only areas, including on the field, on the Diamond Boardwalk, or past section 19 on the stadium concourse.


Goodyear Half Marathon & 10K

The Goodyear Half Marathon & 10k will start inside the Goodyear Test Track located at 394 South Seiberling Street, Akron, Ohio 44316 at 6:30 a.m. The Finish Line is located at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, 200 Innovation Way (Approximately a quarter mile north of the start) Spectators have many great opportunities to see the runners multiple times with very little walking.  

  • Spectators who choose to go to the Start Line have two options. Option one: Spectators can watch the start of the race inside the Test Track and see the runners again as they exit the Test Track at mile 1. Please note if you choose to stay inside the Test Track for the start you have to remain inside the Test Track until the last runner exits (approximately 20 minutes after the start) Option two: Exit the Test Track just prior to the start and watch the runners as they exit at mile one.  
  • Spectators can remain just outside the Test Track and watch your runner again at mile 4.25   
  • Head .25 miles north to see your runner cross the Finish Line.  
  • Spectators who choose not to watch the start of the race can remain near the Finish Line. You will see your runner at mile 1.3. Walk .1 mile south to the traffic circle to see your runner at mile 4 and then head back to watch the finish.  

It is recommended that runners and spectators choose a meeting location prior to the race, to meet up at after the race. 


8K & 1-Mile

The 8k & 1 Mile will start on Union Street near the intersection of Union Street and Exchange Street at 8:30 a.m. With a start and finish at InfoCision Stadium, spectators have great opportunities to see the runners from various points that require very little walking. 

  • Start watching the race just outside the stadium on Union St./Brown St. 
  • After the start, walk one block east to Spicer Street to see the runners at mile 1.  
  • From Spicer, head back towards the Start Line to enter the stadium at Gate 1 and head down onto the field, using stairs at section 120 or 121, to cheer on the runners as they finish 

A limited amount of beer/root beer tickets will be available for spectator purchase starting at 9:00 a.m. on a first come first serve basis. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office located at Gate 2. Tickets will be sold for $10 for three tickets (cash only)Identification will be required to purchase beer tickets. 

Concessions will be open inside the stadium on the west concourse from 7:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.  

It is recommended that runners and spectators choose a meeting location, prior to the race, to meet up at after the race.  


Help us keep our runners pumped up along the courses! If you live along the Blue Line, get a group of friends and family together to cheer on runners as they make their way along our course. We’ll even provide you a block party kit with festive items and noise makers to get the party started. If you are interested in hosting a Blue Line block party, please contact us!