Innovation Fund

The Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation’s Innovation Fund is a new initiative to fund creative ideas or projects that are not already offered and will advance the mission of the organization. The Akron Marathon is pledging $20,000 to launch the fund and is looking for contributions to help grow the fund to continue to promote health & fitness in our community. Money raised will be used to establish new programs that fall into the five key areas of focus outlined below:

Areas of Focus

· Race Entry Scholarships

· Runner Safety, Training & Experience Enhancements and Services

· Digital Advancements in the Sport

· Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

· Green Initiatives

· Health Impact & Research Initiatives

How You Can Help

· Pledge your support with multiple payments over 1 to 5 years

· Make a one-time donation

· Click HERE to explore more giving options


Donations can be made online here.