Course for 2014 The Akron Marathon course is a rolling, scenic tour of some of Akron’s most beautiful destinations. Our course winds through diverse neighborhoods, city highlights and historical landmarks throughout Akron. Other than the four miles on the Towpath trail, which is a crushed limestone surface, the majority of the race is run on paved asphalt and concrete streets. The course is a certified USATF sanctioned course and your time may be used as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Check out the course tour documents under Marathon and Half Marathon below.



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Course Certification #OH12051MW

Half Marathon


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Course Certification #OH12052MW

Team Relay

The 5-person Team Relay follows the same course as the Marathon. The relay includes a starting leg and four exchange zones. Each leg offers a unique perspective of our city and is an exciting part of our race. The first and fifth legs would be considered the easiest, followed by the second leg, the fourth leg, and finally leg three being the most difficult due to its distance. QR codes have been added to the relay maps as we get closer to race week that will provide additional information about each relay leg segment.

Click here for the 2014 Team Relay Elevation Chart

Leg #1 – 3.9 mi

 Leg #2 – 4.8 mi

 Leg #3 – 7.5 mi

 Leg #4 – 4.5 mi

 Leg #5 – 5.5 mi

Start to S High St S High St to Brown St Brown St to Sand Run Pkwy Sand Run Pkwy to Firestone HS Firestone HS to Canal Park

Course Support

  • Mile Markers & Clocks – Mile Markers and clocks will be highly visible at each mile to assist runners in gauging their progress. Kilometer markers are located every 5K, from 5K – 40K will also be placed on the race course.
  • Medical Aid Stations  - There will be 11 aid stations available to runners throughout the race course. Additionally, there will be an aid tent at the start and finish lines. Summa Health System will provide all medical assistance during this event. For your safety, it is important to print any specific medical needs on the reverse side of your race bib. Medical stations will be equipped to assist runners with any basic medical needs and will also have a supply of band-aids, Vaseline and bandages if needed. For medical emergencies, an ambulance will be called to transport the runner to a local hospital. Ham operators will be available approximately every mile if you need to alert someone that you need immediate medical assistance while on the course.
  • NO NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs such as Advil, Ibuprofen, etc) will be provided at the medical tents.  NSAIDs, especially in a dehydrated runner, can adversely affect the kidneys and can increase the risk of hyponatremia (low blood sodium). Tylenol will be available.
  • Fluid Stations  - There will be 18 fluid stations throughout the race course supplying PowerAde and non-carbonated,  water to runners. Additionally, there will be a fluid station at the start and finish lines.
  • Powergel Energy Gel  - Powergel will be distributed at the following locations along the course: Mile 7.7, 16.3, and 23.2.  Each of these locations are located approximately 350′ before a fluid station.  Runners that require energy gel earlier or at different times should plan to be self-supported.
  • Restroom Facilities – 400 men/woman identified portable restrooms equipped with Purell hand cleaner at 19 locations throughout the course, including the start and finish lines and relay exchange points.
  • Course Entertainment  - The entire Akron community has been invited to cheer runners along the course. There will be course entertainment throughout the 26.2 mile race course. Watch for exciting themed water stations and more.
  • The SAG Bus will generally follow the last runners, picking up runners who wish to be transported to Aid Stations (and then ultimately back to Canal Park). The SAG Bus will deviate from the route at the Mustill Store/Towpath Trail and then continue on the course from the Indian Statue on Akron/Peninsula Road, ultimately ending at the finish line at Canal Park. Runners getting on the SAG bus will be transported to the next aid station. At this point, runners can obtain medical attention or take a shuttle back to the finish line. If a relay team member drops out of the race, a medical station volunteer will alert volunteers at the next relay exchange point. The remaining team members will be able to complete the marathon relay, but the team will be officially disqualified from any prize winnings.


  • The National Inventors Hall of Fame School-Center for STEM Learning – Runners will be staged in the plaza of the new National Inventors Hall of Fame School, which a  science, technology, engineering and math middle school operated by Akron Public Schools.
  • Morley Health Center  - The race course begins in front of the Morley Health Center at 177 S. Broadway in downtown Akron.
  • The University of Akron  - Next on the course is the University of Akron . Founded in 1870 as Buchtel College, the University of Akron has been expanding for more than 130 years. Today, more than 24,000 students, representing 41 states and 83 foreign countries attend the university for a higher education.  The University of Akron’s main campus has 79 buildings on 180 acres. Landmarks within the university include the high-tech Goodyear Polymer Center, the renowned E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall and the stately Buchtel Hall.
  • Mustill Store  - As the runners continue on the course, they will run pass the old Mustill Store. Located at its original site at Lock 15 of the Ohio Erie Canal, this canal-era building is believed to have been built in the 1850s, although the exact date is unknown. Three generations of Mustills serviced canal users until the late 1880s. Their story typifies that of many businesses that sprung up along the canal locks.  Today, the Mustill Store and House have been rehabilitated to their canal-era form by a unique partnership of the City of Akron, the Cascade Locks Park Association, Metro Parks Serving Summit County, and the National Park Service. The Mustill complex is the perfect resting point and educational attraction for those taking advantage of the National Heritage Corridor and Scenic Byway.
  • Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail – Next, runners will pass through the Ohio & Erie Towpath Canal Trail and Sand Run Park The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is a multi-purpose trail developed by the National Park Service. The Towpath Trail follows the historic route of the Ohio & Erie Canal. Many people use the trail for bike riding, hiking and jogging.
  • Sand Run Park  – Sand Run Park was opened in 1929 and was the first Metropolitan Park in Summit County. Indians used areas of the park as their campsite. Today, Sand Run is used by many Ohio residents as a place to hike, bike, jog, play soccer, ice skate, and cross country ski. A variety of facilities and pavilions are available for people to hold family gatherings and group outings.
  • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens  - Nearing the end of the race, runners will pass by the grounds of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens , one the finest examples of Tudor Revival architecture in America. Stan Hywet was built between 1912 and 1915 by early industrialist and Goodyear co-founder F.A. Seiberling and his wife, Gertrude. The estate was designed to accommodate their lifestyle and large family. It also allowed the couple to lavishly entertain business associates, friends, and prominent socialites of the community.
  • Canal Park  - The finish line will be at Canal Park, home of the Akron RubberDucks minor league baseball team. Canal Park cost $31 million to build. It was opened in 1997 and can hold more than 9,000 fans. Canal Park was designed by Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc., the same company that designed Progressive Field in Cleveland.