Runnership Program

What is the Akron Marathon Runnership Program? As part of our vision, the Akron Marathon promotes healthy active lifestyles for all. The Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation created this philanthropic program dedicated to reaching community members who could not typically afford a race entry, those wanting to strengthen their mental health, and/or add exercise to their addiction recovery plan.  

How does this program work? 

Non-Profit Organizations –Non-profit organizations can receive free race entries based on their organization’s services and eligibility.  The organization’s clients will be able to participate in one or more events in the Akron Marathon Race Series presented by Summa Health. These entries are not to be sold, auctioned, used as a giveaway or prize, or for financial gain for these organizations.    

Individuals – As part of our vision to promote healthy active lifestyles for all, we do not want financial barriers to keep individuals from being able to participate in the Akron Marathon Race Series. The Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation offers a limited number of complimentary race entries through our Runnership Program for those with financial limitations. Through this program we aim to increase community access to healthy active lifestyles and participation in Akron Marathon Race Series events.  

Why should I participate?  

Your participation in this program is vital to the success of the Akron Marathon Blue Line Runnership Program! We hope that you will join us in our goal of improving lives through a healthy lifestyle for the mind and body. 

How do I apply? Non-Profit Organizations & Individuals can apply here.

Can I get more information? Yes! Email your expressed interest and any questions to Carrie Washnock.