Team Relay

This event follows the same course as the marathon, but breaks down the distance into five legs.  Team members must pass a slap bracelet to one another at each relay exchange zone. Team members can join the Finisher Festival on-field at Canal Park Stadium to celebrate as their final team member crosses the finish line! Click here to read the Team Relay Final Instructions for all your race day questions.


Relay Distances:

Relay Leg Distance in Miles Start Location
1st 5.8 Start Line - 217 S. High St.
2nd 6.2 John S. Knight Center - 22 S. Broadway St.
3rd 5.3 Intersection of Selle & S. High- 419 S. High St.
4th 4.0 Firestone High School - 1545 Fairfax Rd.
5th 4.9 Hardesty Park - 1461 Alton Dr.