The 5-person Team Relay presented by Novo Nordisk is the largest 5-person marathon team relay in the United States. Teams run along with our traditional marathoners on the same blue line route. The Team Relay offers a distance for everyone, regardless of your fitness level!

Event Details

  • Start Time: 7:00 a.m.
  • Course Open: 6-hours, the course will close on a continuous pace of 13:44 minutes per mile (course closes promptly at 1:00 p.m.)
  • Minimum Age: 15-years on Race Day

Runner Premiums

  • FREE Gender Specific Technical Short Sleeve Shirt (sizing based on availability)
  • FREE Goodie Bag
  • FREE One Year Subscription to Running Times
  • FREE Food and Michelob Ultra at Finish Line
  • FREE Gear Bag service provided by FedEx Custom Critical
  • Commemorative Finishers Medallion

Relay Leg Distances

  • Leg #1 – 3.9 miles
  • Leg #2 – 4.8 miles
  • Leg #3 – 7.5 miles
  • Leg #4 – 4.5 miles
  • Leg #5 – 5.5 miles

Slap Bracelet – The first runner will be given a slap bracelet to be worn on the right wrist. THE FIRST RUNNER MUST PICK UP A BRACELET AT THE RELAY PACKET PICKUP AREA AT THE EXPO. At each relay exchange zone, the incoming runner will pass the snap bracelet to his or her team member. No relay member can leave for his or her relay leg without wearing the slap bracelet.

Forming a Relay Team

Corporations, non-profit groups, civic organizations and friends are encouraged to assemble their 5-person teams and compete!

Running Two Legs -  If a runner is running 2-consecutive legs the team must be paid in full. The runner running two legs must be registered twice and pay twice to complete their team.

*NEW Team Relay Registration Instructions -  Follow these easy instructions for registering your Novo Nordisk 5 Person Team:

  1. Designate a team captain. Each team must have a team captain who is participating.
  2. The team captain must register themselves first online.
  3. Team Captains will select “Team Captains Create Your Team”
  4. Team Captains you will complete the participant information first then under “team information” select “create a team” and follow registration prompts you will create the team name under  this option and complete your registration.
  5. Once the Team Captain has created the team, the team members can register online.
  6. Team Members will select “Team Members Join Your Team”. You will complete the participant information first then under “team information” select “join a team” and follow registration prompts to complete your registration.
  7. Team captains can manage their team at

Relay Exchange Zones

Upon arriving at your assigned relay exchange zone, proceed to the numerical staging area as instructed by a race volunteer. You must remain in the staging area until you begin your leg of the relay. Spotters will be calling out bib numbers as your teammate approaches the exchange zone. PLEASE KNOW YOUR BIB NUMBER. Runners are encouraged to take their own bottled water.

Relay Exchange Point Procedures – As you approach a relay exchange zone at the end of your leg, you will be directed to run over a timing mat. This will provide a split time for each relay team member. NO D-TAGS WILL BE TRANSFERRED. Be sure the next runner does not cross this mat at anytime. Continue for a short distance beyond the timing mat where race volunteers will assist you in finding your teammate and exchanging your slap bracelet. With the exception of the first leg runner, the outgoing runner will NOT go over a timing mat at the start of his or her leg, but only at the completion of their leg. Upon finding your relay member, exchange the slap bracelet and clear the race course so as not to interfere with incoming runners. If a relay team member drops out of the race, a medical station volunteer will alert volunteers at the next relay exchange zone. The remaining team members will be able to complete the marathon relay, but the team will be officially disqualified from any prize winnings. If you drop out of the race for any reason, notify a medical station volunteer so your teammates can be notified. After completing your leg of the team relay, race volunteers will direct you to a shuttle which will return you to the Canal Park Marathon Finish location. There is no shuttle service from Relay Zones 2 or 3 to the finish line.

Shuttle Bus Service

Optional shuttle bus service will be provided from Downtown Akron to the following relay legs: 4 and 5. In addition, there will be transportation for finishing relay runners to return to the finish line at Canal Park. The shuttle bus service is not offered for Relay Legs #2 and #3 as it is a short walk to/from Downtown Akron and the race finish at Canal Park Stadium.

Runners are encouraged to meet their teammates at Canal Park to provide an enthusiastic reception for their final team member and enjoy the post-race Finisher Festival. There will be free food and drinks at the finish for all of our runners.

Feel free to arrange your own transportation to/from relay zones; however, we strongly encourage use of this shuttle system, as driving and parking are extremely limited in some areas.

Shuttle Schedule to Relay Legs – Load-in Location: Corner of South Main Street and West Exchange Street near Bricco Restaurant

Canal Park To Relay leg #4 Sand Run Parkway & Portage Path 7:15am-9:30am Canal Park To Relay leg #5 Firestone High School 7:30am-10:30am

Return Shuttle Schedule to Canal Park Departing relay legs as follows: Relay Leg #3 Sand Run Parkway & Portage Path to Canal Park 8:30am-11:00am. Relay Leg #4 Firestone High School to Canal Park 9:15am-12:15pm

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