Accessibility Goals:

  • Better serve those in the community living with a disability. 
  • Publicly communicate accessibility accommodations and carefully review additional requests on a case-by-case basis through the lens of inclusion as well as safety.

Registration Information   

Runnership Program 

The Akron Marathon Runnership Program is available for those in financial need looking for a free race entry. Please submit the Runnership application first before registering. It could take a few days or weeks before the application is reviewed and the registration code is distributed.  

Age Requirements 

All registrants must meet the age requirement for the distance you plan to participate in.  

  1. 1 Mile – 5 (excludes stroller division) 
  2. 8k – 10 
  3. 10k – 10 
  4. Half Marathon – 14 
  5. Team Relay – 12 
  6. Marathon – 16 
  7. Kids Fun Run – 12 and under


Registration deadline is 4 weeks before race day to guarantee a bike escort, which is required for participation, provided by the Akron Marathon.  

Paralympic Rules  

The Akron Marathon Race Series events are sanctioned through USATF and follow all Paralympic rules 

Registration Instructions 

  1. Go to the registration website.
  2. Click on the event date/distance of your choice.
  3. Under the “Tell Us About Yourself” section answer the following questions:

                                                                                                    If you choose Push Team, you will have an additional question:         4. Please include any special accommodation requests. If you are a support/guide or push team pusher please answer “yes” and indicate the name of the athlete you are with. 


Current Accessibility Services: 

Wheelchair Division  

Description: An individual with a permanent disability who is using a push-rim racing wheelchair during the event.  


  • Must control speeds on descents for the safety of both the athlete and other participants and spectators along the course.  
  • Helmet is required.  
  • Motors, pedals and gears are prohibited. 

Push Teams / Duo Teams 

Description: An abled-bodied individual pushing another individual with a physical, intellectual, or coordination impairment in a racing wheelchair. Each pusher, even if there are multiple pushers per push team, has to complete the full distance for all events except for the full marathon where 5 people can tag in and out as part of a relay team to push the athlete the full distance.  


  • The rider must remain seated through the duration of the event.  
  • It is recommended for the rider to wear a helmet.  
  • No strollers allowed, must be a racing wheelchair. 
  • Must maintain contact with the chair at all times, with a tether being recommended.  

Support/Guide Runners  

Description: A person (support/guide) who provides verbal instructions or decision making skills to an athlete with an intellectual, physical, or emotional impairment.  


  • The athlete is responsible for choosing their support/guide.  
  • Support/guide should be properly trained to complete the event distance at the pace of the individual they are supporting.  
  • The support/guide is not able to push, pull, or propel their athlete forward.  
  • Support/guide should cross the finish line after their athlete.  




Wheelchair – overall awards  

  • In wheelchair and Frame Running races the athletes shall be placed in the order in which the center of the axle of the leading wheel reaches the vertical plane of the nearer edge of the finish line as defined above.  

Push Team and support/guide athletes – Are participation only and no overall awards will be given for this division. 


Accessible Parking for Athletes, support, and spectators  

National Interstate 8k & 1 Mile: Lot 1  

Goodyear Half Marathon & 10k: Goodyear parking deck. The elevator in the parking deck is accessible for wheelchairs. Push team athletes need to park in the surface lots as push team wheelchairs do not fit in the Goodyear Deck Elevators.  

FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon & Team Relay: For the start line VIP pass can be requested. For the finish line, the State Street deck is recommended.  


For additional requests or information please contact