AKRON, Ohio (September 23, 2017) – The FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon & Team Relay celebrated its 15th year along the Blue Line today with a brand new route and warm temperatures. What started as a modest marathon with a field of 3,775 participants has thrived and grown over 300 percent in the last 15 years into a major, first-rate, and signature event within the city of Akron.

“The overall feeling of this race weekend is second to none – from the starting line to the Finisher Festival. The on-course atmosphere was very special this year, with entertainment throughout the course and loads of enthusiastic spectators alongside our Akron Children’s hero patients and their families cheering on all the participants,” said Shawn Lyden, executive vice president of Akron Children’s. “This year more than 13,000 took to the streets during our three race weekends, experiencing the best of what this city has to offer. We couldn’t be more proud to serve as the title beneficiary for this great series.”

The festivities kicked off Thursday night with two-time Olympian and world champion, Kara Goucher being honored with the 2017 Akron Marathon Ambassador Award. More than 1,000 kids ages 12 and under joined in the fun on Friday night at the Kids 1-Mile Fun Run, presented by Signet Jewelers. After offering inspiration to the runners at the Health and Fitness Expo presented by Summa Health and SummaCare on Friday, Goucher joined the runners in Saturday’s Half Marathon event, and earned cheers from the more than 100,000 race spectators there to rally their favorite runners toward the finish line.

“Fifteen years is no easy feat. Through many course and venue changes, adding distances along the way, and expansion into a race series, we are so proud to be hosting the 15th annual event. We are thrilled to report that 143,165 runners have run this event throughout the 15 years,” said Steve Marks, founder and chairman of the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation. “Although so much has happened and so much has changed over the years – it still seems like it wasn’t too long ago that we were doing this for the first time. The continuity of the having an amazing city like Akron as a partner and having the support of many loyal sponsors through the years, along with one of the best race staffs out there, is a big part of our success.”

Blair Teal of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Emma McCarron of Mansfield, found that success on Saturday morning and were the first to cross the finish line inside Canal Park Stadium for the marathon, with respective times of 2:23:39 and 2:52:29. While Kevin Castille of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Liz Weiler from Cleveland, took top places in the half marathon.

The runner-up in the men’s marathon was Verrelle Wyatt of Akron, finishing with a time of 2:24:57, and Zachary Hoagland of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, crossing the line third at 2:27:47. Shawanna White of Columbia, South Carolina finished in second on the women’s side with a time of 2:53:27, followed by Grace McCarron from Mansfield in 2:54:11.

Top men’s half marathon finishers included Medina’s Mick Iacofano and Ryan Roush from Canfield with equally fast times of 1:06:20 and 1:08:14. Beachwood’s Amy Gannon took second in the women’s half marathon finishing in 1:20:58, with Akron’s own Marissa Baranauskas, crossing in third at 1:23:02.

The top finishers in the masters (40 years and older) marathon competition were, Dustin Sprague of Kettering and Dolores Valencia of Chino Hills, California, on the women’s side. For the half marathon, the top masters were Jason Lafave of Sanford, Michigan and Beth Woodward of Orrville. (Complete winner information can be found at the end of release.)

The marathon relay didn’t disappoint with fast times and wins turned in by Five Guys, One 26.2 Sticker for the five-person male team relay in 2:54:58, Five Fast Femme Fatale Freak was the top women’s squad with a finishing time of 3:07:46. A time of 2:53:43 was clocked by the top mixed competition team – George’s Farmer Boys and Girls.

For the third year, prize money was awarded to the top three men and women to finish the marathon who are Ohio residents. Those top winners were, Verrelle Wyatt, Akron and Emma McCarron of Mansfield.

“FirstEnergy is very proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Akron Marathon, a marquee event for our region that draws some of the world’s top runners to compete just steps from our headquarters,” said Charles Jones, president and chief executive officer of FirstEnergy Corp. “We have nearly 2,500 employees who live and work in the Akron area, many of whom volunteer or run in the Akron Marathon every year. This event showcases the city and we’re pleased to be a part of it.”

2017 served as the third year for the Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Marathon Race Series. The National Interstate 8k & 1 Mile was held on June 24 and the Goodyear Half Marathon & 10k was run on August 12. More than 1,400 runners completed the series and participated in all three races this year.

“Fifteen years after the first race, our mission and focus remains the same: providing a world-class marathon and other events that promote health and fitness, stimulate the local economy, galvanize the community and benefit charitable organizations,” said Anne Bitong, executive director of the Akron Marathon. “With more than 9,000 runners this weekend from 46 states and 12 countries, nearly $900,000 raised for Akron Children’s Hospital during our two-year series partnership and the smiling faces from our volunteers, runners and the spectators today, I think it is safe to say it was another successful year for the Akron Marathon.”




1. Blair Teal, Charlotte NC, 2:23:39

2. Verrelle Wyatt, Akron, 2:24:57

3. Zachary Hoagland, Hatfield PA, 2:27:47

4. Brent Martin, Wooster, 2:28:11

5. Israel Merkle, Akron, 2:30:52



1. Emma McCarron, Mansfield, 2:52:29

2. Shawanna White, Columbia SC, 2:53:27

3. Grace McCarron, Mansfield, 2:54:11

4. Barbara Lorson, Orrville, 3:02:36

5. Jenny Robinson, Cuyahoga Falls, 3:07:23



1. Dustin Sprague, Kettering, 2:43:05

2. Francesco Arato, Bolingbrook IL, 2:48:15

3. Orinthal Striggles, Columbia SC, 2:48:15



1. Dolores Valencia, Chino Hills CA, 3:09:46

2. Kristy Kenna, Akron, 3:11:29

3. Teresa Ferguson, Akron, 3:11:46




1. Verrelle Wyatt, Akron, 2:24:57

2. Brent Martin, Wooster, 2:28:11

3. Israel Merkle, Akron, 2:30:52



1. Emma McCarron, Mansfield, 2:52:29

2. Grace McCarron, Mansfield, 2:54:11

3. Barbara Lorson, Orrville, 3:02:36




1. Kevin Castille, Baton Rouge LA, 1:05:16

2. Mick Iacofano, Medina, 1:06:20

3. Ryan Roush, Canfield, 1:08:14



1. Liz Weiler, Cleveland, 1:20:09

2. Amy Gannon, Beachwood, 1:20:58

3. Marissa Baranauskas, Akron, 1:23:02



1. Jason Lafave, Sanford MI, 1:15:08

2. Ken Richendollar, Maumee, 1:17:17

3. Mike Seymour, Akron, 1:19:10



1. Beth Woodward, Orrville, 1:26:19

2. Brenda Hodge, York PA, 1:28:48

3. Michelle Farr, Medina, 1:29:22



1. One 26.2 Sticker, 2:54:58
2. Barely Breathing VI, 2:58:05
3. Heartland Men, 3:21:14

1. Star Hunters, 2:40:07
2. Ratatouille, 2:40:07
3. Canal Rats, 2:45:05

1. Five Fast Femme Fatale Freak, 3:07:46
2. Great Bowls of Fire, 3:10:44
3. Tuff Girls, 3:14:47

1. Fab Five, 3:49:28
2. Running for Cupcakes, 4:03:12
3. Fed Ex Leading Ladies, 4:14:39

1. George’s Farmer Boys and Girls, 2:53:43
2. The Daily Five, 3:07:15
3. A Bunch of Old Dogs and a Young Filly2, 3:07:41

1. Six A.M. Chagrin Sledders, 3:03:59
2. Runnin’ with the Advil, 3:05:19
3. LCCC Runners, 3:24:41