Benefits of a Run Coach

Friday, September 23

John S. Knight Center

Main Exhibit Hall

1:30 PM

Rachel Laymon is the owner and founder of Run Well Be Well, a coaching business focused on evidence based run coaching practices, that also places an emphasis on overall health and wellbeing. Rachel is a certified UESCA running and ultrarunning coach, registered dietitian, and personal trainer. She currently works with numerous athletes, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, and everything in between.

Benefits of a Running Coach 
Are you wanting to learn how to run but not sure where to start?
Maybe you’ve been a runner for several years but your paces and race finish times have been the same over time, with little progress?
Or maybe you have your sights set on a big goal and you need some help with accountability and structure?
Coach Rachel Laymon explains the benefit of working with her 1:1, and what that looks like from a both a coach and athletes perspective. You don’t want to miss this!