Q: When is the Virtual Race?

A: You can run/walk your race between Saturday, September 26 – Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Q: How does a Virtual Race work?

A: A Virtual Race is a race you can run at any location, at your pace, outside or on a treadmill. You will run the race distance and upload your finishing time. We suggest that all runners follow recommendations as provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We ask that you do not use the FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon & Team Relay course route as it is not pedestrian safe without the usual race day street closures and safety assistance with traffic. 

Q: How do I submit my time for my virtual race? Is there a deadline to submit my time?

A: You have two options to record your time. Be sure to check your email the week of September 21 which will include step by step instructions with easy, personalized links to enter your results. 

Submit your race results between September 26 – October 31, 2020 by the following steps: 

Option 1- Track with the Runkeeper App 

  1. Download the Runkeeper app and link your registration. Again, please make sure to check your email which will have this unique link. 
  2. Start Your Race/Record Your Participation 
  3. Open the Runkeeper app on your mobile device 
  4. Click the start button 
  5. Tap the in-app checkered flag and select your event 
  6. Click start your race button 
  7. Once you have finished your race click stop and save 
  8. Your time will automatically be uploaded to your results page and you will receive an email to view your results and custom finisher certificate. 

Option 2-Manual Upload 

  1. From our Results Page click the “Submit Results Now” button  
  2. Confirm your registration by entering 1) Your registration confirmation number and 2) Last name, then click “Confirm Registration”Again, please make sure to check your email which will have this information. 
  3. Click “Submit a Virtual Result” 
  4. Enter your finish time, select your distance, check the “terms” box then click “Submit Results” 
  • You will be able to upload your results with or without GPS/photo. 
  • You will also be able download, print or share your custom Finishers Certificate by clicking on your name. 

Need help?  Please review this video explaining how to upload results.

Q: I am on a complete Relay Team (5 participants are registered), what do we do?

A: Relay team members will run their leg/distance at a time & place of your choice. This can be done together on the same day while implementing social distancing or apart on different days/time. You will simply run/walk a leg/distance of your choice. Relay runners can run the same leg/distance even if you are on the same team. Each team member will need to submit their time, you do not need to submit which leg you ran/walked.  

Q: I am on an incomplete Relay Team (does not have 5 registered participants), what do we/I do?

A: Typically, teams must be complete in order to participate on race day, however, you do not need to have a complete team to participate in the virtual event. You will simply run/walk a leg/distance of your choice. Relay runners can run the same leg/distance even if you are on the same team. Each team member will need to submit their time, you do not need to submit which leg you ran/walked.  

Q: What are the Relay Legs?














Q: I am registered for the full Marathon & was supposed to be inducted into the Marathon Loyalty Program this year; will my virtual race be included?

A: The Akron Marathon staff wants you to know how important each of you are to the event, thank you so much for your loyalty! We want to celebrate you in-person and since we cannot do that this year, we have decided that 2020 will be a bye-year for the Full Marathon Loyalty Program.

Q: I registered for the Virtual Marathon however I don’t think I can complete the marathon distance.

A: You have the option to take the “Half Marathon Split” & receive a Half Marathon time; meaning if on your race day you are unable to complete the marathon distance & run the half distance you can upload your time as a Half Marathoner. One thing to take note, the best thing about a virtual event is there are no true rules other than have fun & be safe!  This is your chance to mix it up & run your race your way! If that means you run/walk your Marathon over 2 days/2 weeks & add your times together you have that option. Find a plan that works best for you!

Q: How can I exchange the size of my shirt/socks?

A: Please complete this exchange request.