AKRON, Ohio (September 29, 2018) – The last stop of the Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Marathon Race Series was held today and saw crisp and cool race conditions in one of this area’s marquee events – The FirstEnergy Marathon, Half Marathon and Team Relay. Traveling 26.2 miles through the streets of Akron at 2:26:25 and 2:51:12; Israel Merkle of Akron and Grace McCarron of Mansfield were the top finishers in today’s marathon. The first runners to cross the finish line inside Canal Park Stadium in the half marathon distance were Michael Iacofano of Medina and Becki Spellman of Galloway with times of 1:06:54 and 1:17:43 respectively.

Dylan Garritano of Akron, was the runner-up in the men’s marathon with a time of 2:30:13, while Wayne Brigee of Galena, crossed the line third at 2:39:57. For the women, Devon Yanko of San Anselmo, California finished second with a time of 2:54:30, followed by Lizzie Gleason from Dayton in 2:55:04 in the marathon. (Complete winner information can be found at the end of release.)

The five-person team relay crowned the Gray-Hounds as champs in all-male division in 2:34:32, the top women team, SSSB, finished in 3:04:01. Dilly completed the course in 3:03:46 as the leading mixed competition team.

The half marathon saw a sold-out field with Akron’s Aiman Scullion and Zack Beavin from Lexington, Kentucky placing second and third in the men’s division. Elizabeth Herndon and Maura Lemon from Kent and Dayton, rounded out the winner’s podium for the women’s half marathon.

Top times in the masters division (40 years and older) were put up by Brad Prather of Roanoke, Indiana and Michelle Farr of Medina in the half marathon. For the marathon, the top masters were Shanna Ailes Istnick of Kent and Orinthal Striggles of Columbia, South Carolina.

“Once again Akron residents came out in full force to support, cheer on, and volunteer their time for this event. From top to bottom, all of our race partners and vendors pull together to showcase the Akron community and it is that commitment that helps make this a world-class event,” said Anne Bitong, executive director of the Akron Marathon. “This year we saw all three of our race series presenting sponsors – National Interstate, Goodyear, and FirstEnergy – renew their commitments to this series through 2021. In the series’ first four years, we have been able to raise over $1.3 million for Akron Children’s Hospital. We are confident that with our dedicated partners and the passionate runners in this area we will continue to push that number even higher to benefit all the kids fighting their ongoing battles at Akron Children’s.”

Deena Kastor, Olympic medalist and world-class distance runner, was awarded the 2018 Akron Marathon Ambassador’s Award on Thursday and the excitement of the evening flowed through to the rest of race weekend. Over 10,000 runners picked up race packets and checked out what
area and running vendors had to share on Friday at the Health and Fitness Expo presented by Summa Health and SummaCare. Friday night, the Kids Fun Run presented by Signet Jewelers was sold out as more than 1,000 kids ages 12 and under raced their own “big race” along the one-mile course. Plans are already underway for the 2019 Akron Marathon Race Series and details will continue to be updated at AkronMarathon.org in the days and months to come.

About the Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Marathon Race Series
The Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Marathon Race Series is organized by the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation, a non-profit group founded in 2002 to provide a world-class marathon and other events that promote health and fitness, stimulate the local economy, galvanize the community and benefit charitable organizations. The series features race dates in June (National Interstate 8k & 1-Mile) and August (Goodyear Half Marathon & 10k), culminating with the 16th running of the FirstEnergy Full Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, Team Relay & Kids Fun Run in September. Additional information is available at AkronMarathon.org or by calling (330) 434-2RUN (2786).

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1. Israel Merkle, Akron, 2:26:25
2. Dylan Garritano, Akron, 2:30:13
3. Wayne Brigee, Galena, 2:39:57
4. David Ryland, Brecksville, 2:41:33
5. Cameron Trinh, Ypsilanti Michigan, 2:43:15

1. Grace McCarron, Mansfield, 2:51:12
2. Devon Yanko, San Anselmo California, 2:54:30
3. Lizzie Gleason, Dayton, 2:55:04
4. Barbara Lorson, Orrville, 2:57:47
5. Stefani Watterson, Alexandria Virginia, 3:06:11

1. Orinthal Striggles, Columbia South Carolina, 2:53:32
2. Jeff Chalmers, Bay Village, 3:00:44
3. Barry Thoman, Fairlawn, 3:06:02

1. Shannon Ailes Istnick, Kent, 2:57:32
2. Teresa Ferguson, Akron, 3:09:20
3. Sachiko Toyama, Walled Lake Michigan, 3:12

MALE                                                                                     FEMALE
1. Israel Merkle, 2:26:25                                                    1. Grace McCarron, Mansfield, 2:51:12
2. Dylan Garritano, Akron, 2:30:13                                 2. Lizzie Gleason, Dayton, 2:55:04
3. Wayne Brigee, Galena, 2:39:57                                    3. Shannon Ailes Istnick, Kent, 2:57:32

1. Michael Iacofano, Medina, 1:06:54
2. Aiman Scullion, Akron, 1:07:35
3. Zack Beavin, Lexington Kentucky, 1:08:21

1. Becki Spellman, Galloway, 1:17:43
2. Elizabeth Herndon, Kent, 1:18:04
3. Maura Lemon, Dayton, 1:18:41

1. Brad Prather, Roanoke Indiana, 1:16:57
2. Aaron Usher, Cadillac Michigan, 1:17:21
3. Michael Seymour, Akron, 1:19:51

1. Michelle Farr, Medina, 1:31:04
2. Erin Rock, Lexington Kentucky, 1:32:18
3. Leslie Owen, Copley, 1:34:45

MALE FIVE-PERSON TEAM                                            MASTER’S MALE FIVE-PERSON TEAM
1. Gray-Hounds, 2:34:32                                                    1. AARP Busters, 3:03:51
2. Ratatouille, 2:41:06                                                        2. Lawn Wranglers Masters, 3:07:54
3. Tortoise+Hares, 2:43:24                                               3. Old Upsers, 3:16:36

1. SSSB, 3:04:01                                                                  1. FedEx Leading Ladies: 4:00:25
2. 40 Proof Strong, 3:23:58                                              2. Moms Rock team 2, 4:06:20
3. Deena & the Bambinos, 3:26:54                                 3. Strong as a Mother, 4:17:00

MIXED FIVE-PERSON TEAM                                       MASTER’S MIXED FIVE-PERSON TEAM
1. Dilly Dilly, 3:03:46                                                        1. Canal Rats, 3:20:04
2. The Fast and the Fatigued, 3:03:56                          2. Team Vertigo, 3:40:15
3. Papa Jeff’s Posse, 3:10:05                                           3. Marlow Madness, 3:51:17