Our Elite Athlete Program provides an enhanced experience for elite runners in the FirstEnergy Akron Marathon and Akron Half Marathon. 


An upgraded experience can be provided for those athletes who qualify for the “A” standard in addition to the Elite Athlete Benefits outlined below. Athletes who qualify for the “B” standard will receive the Elite Athlete Benefits as outlined below.

The Akron Marathon believes that supporting American Distance Running is our responsibility and should be a priority. With this in mind, our elite athlete invitations and prize purse for the Marathon, Half Marathon are reserved for those athletes who are Citizens of the United States. For additional information, view our Rules & Policies.


  • Men Open Division
    • A: 2:30:00
    • B: 2:50:00
    • Seeded: 3:00:00
  • Men Masters Division:
    • A: 2:45:00
    • B: 3:05:00
    • Seeded: 3:20:00
  • Women Open Division:
    • A: 2:55:00
    • B: 3:15:00
    • Seeded: 3:35:00
  • Women Masters Division:
    • A: 3:05:00
    • B: 3:35:00
    • Seeded: 3:55:00

*Standards are based on Akron Marathon record times and race history finishing times

Half Marathon

  • Men Open Division
    • A: 1:10:00
    • B: 1:15:00
    • Seeded: 1:25:00
  • Men Masters Division:
    • A: 1:15:00
    • B: 1:25:00
    • Seeded: 1:30:00
  • Women Open Division:
    • A: 1:20:00
    • B: 1:30:00
    • Seeded: 1:35:00
  • Women Masters Division:
    • A: 1:25:00
    • B: 1:35:00
    • Seeded: 1:40:00

Elite Athlete Premiums

  • Complimentary entry into the Akron Marathon / Half Marathon 
  • VIP Packet Pickup 
  • Special “Elite Athlete” bib number  
  • Access to the Elite Athlete corral  
  • Personal gear bag handling from the start to the finish 
  • Private area and VIP experience at the Start Line  
  • Private area at the Finish Line equipped with fluids, food, gear bag delivery, and massage therapists 

Seeded Athlete Benefits 

  • Access to the Seeded athlete corral located directly behind the Elite Athlete Corral and ahead of the general field of runners.