This event follows the same course as the marathon, but breaks down the distance into five legs. Team members must pass a slap bracelet to one another at each relay exchange zone. Team members can join the Finisher Festival on-field at Canal Park Stadium to celebrate as their final team member crosses the finish line!


Relay Leg 1

Distance in Miles: 7.5

Starting Point: Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Starting Location: Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Relay Leg 1 Map

Relay Leg 1 Information

Relay Leg 2

Distance in Miles: 6.1

Starting Mile Marker: Mile 7.5

Starting Location: Hardesty Park

Relay Leg 2 Map

Relay Leg 2 Information


Relay Leg 3

Distance in Miles: 3.2

Starting Mile Marker: 13.6

Starting Location: St Thomas Hospital / Olive Street

Relay Leg 3 Map

Relay Leg 3 Information

Relay Leg 4

Distance in Miles: 6.6

Starting Mile Marker: Mile 16.8

Starting Location: Wolf Ledges

Relay Leg 4 Map

Relay Leg 4 Information

Relay Leg 5

Distance in Miles: 2.8

Starting Mile Marker: Mile 23.4

Starting Location: Summit Lake

Relay Leg 5 Map

Relay Leg 5 Information


The runner who is no longer runner will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click the event registration page:
  2. From our registration page click on “Transfer” from the left or right side navigation bars
  3. Once logged into your Race Roster account, click “Transfer to a New Participant” in the blue box & complete the steps as directed.

Please note the NEW participant will pay a $10 transfer fee. The original participant will NOT receive a refund. The exchange of monies is between the original participant and the new participant.

Deadline for online team relay transfers is September 13 after this date we will ONLY accept changes at the Health & Fitness Expo on Friday, September 28 $10.00 fee per changes.


Top 3 overall teams in following divisions:

Open Men Masters Men
Open Women Masters Women
Open Co-Ed Masters Co-Ed

*For the team relay division at The Akron Marathon in September, where no prize money is involved, participants can only win one award.  Overall placements are weighted more heavily than Master’s placements, therefore if you are a team of Master’s Runners who place in the top three overall, you will be awarded as such.  


A member of your Relay Team can to run 2-consecutive relay legs; the team must be paid in full. The runner running two legs must register & pay for both legs.

The 1st leg runner can also run the marathon or half marathon; that team member must register & pay for both events. As a reminder, this can only happen if that runner runs the 1st leg. On race day, wear both bibs & cross over the 1st exchange zone; no need to remove bibs or timing devices then continue on the half/marathon course. Make sure you pick up both packets at the Expo.