Relay your way to the Akron Marathon Finish Line! Perfect for new runners, corporate teams, family & friends. The Team Relay breaks down the marathon course into five legs making it possible for anyone to Run the Blue Line!


Maps and details below are from 2023. Final 2024 distances and maps coming in June. 


Relay Leg # Distance in Miles Starting Mile Marker Starting Location Ending Location Map
Leg 1 4.2 0.0 Akron Art Museum 250 E. Mill Leg 1 Map
Leg 2 6.7 4.2 250 E. Mill 245
Wolf Ledges Pkwy
Leg 2 Map
Leg 3 5.8 10.9 245
Wolf Ledges Pkwy
1300 Sand Run Parkway Leg 3 Map
Leg 4 4.5 16.7 1300 Sand Run Parkway 1565 Fairfax Road Leg 4 Map
Leg 5 5 21.2 1565 Fairfax Road 300 S. Main Street Leg 5 Map


Leg 1

Distance In Miles: 4.2

Starting Mile Marker: 0.0

Starting Address: Akron Art Museum

Ending Address: 10 E. Mill

Map: Leg 1 Map


Leg 2

Distance In Miles: 6.7

Starting Mile Marker: 4.2

Starting Address: 250 E. Mill

Ending Address: 245 Wolf Ledges Pkwy

Map: Leg 2 Map


Leg 3

Distance In Miles: 5.8

Starting Mile Marker: 10.9

Starting Address: 245 Wolf Ledges Pkwy

Ending Address: 1300 Sand Run Parkway

Map: Leg 3 Map


Leg 4

Distance In Miles: 4.5

Starting Mile Marker: 16.7

Starting Address: 1300 Sand Run Parkway

Ending Address: 1565 Fairfax Road

Map: Leg 4 Map


Leg 5

Distance In Miles: 5

Starting Mile Marker: 21.2

Starting Address: 1565 Fairfax Road

Ending Address: 300 S. Main Street

Map: Leg 5 Map



Q: How can we make a change to our team?

A: If you would like to transfer your registration to a new participant, please click the event registration page, FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon & Team Relay. From our registration page click on “Transfer” button from the left or right-side navigation bars. Once logged into your Race Roster account, click “Transfer to a New Participant” in the blue box and complete the steps as directed.

Please note the NEW participant will pay a $10 transfer fee. The original participant will NOT receive a refund. The exchange of monies is between the original participant and the new participant.

Q: Can we participate if we do not have 5 runners?

A: The relay team must be complete & have 5 registered runners on the team to participate. Only complete teams will be able to pick up their packets.

Q: Do we have to assign each relay leg?

A: Each member of the team should know which they they are running. However, you do NOT need to register for a specific relay leg. You can make switches at any time without notifying race officials. The team timing chip will keep track of each relay leg time and the team total.

Q: How can I track my teammates?

A: There are a few ways to track your teammates.


Q: Can a team member run multiple legs or events?

A: A member of a Relay Team can run 2-consecutive relay legs; the team must be paid in full. The runner running two legs must register & pay for both legs.

The 1st leg runner can also run the full or half marathon; that team member must register & pay for both events. As a reminder, this can only happen if that runner runs the 1st leg. On race day, wear both bibs. When you approach the Exchange Zone follow the relay signs, cross over the timing mat, find your team member and transfer the relay slap bracelet with timing device before continuing on. At the Expo, pick up both packets and the relay slap bracelet.

Relay medals are available at the Information Booth at the Finish Line for those running multiple legs or events.

Q: Can I run with my friend after my leg?

A: Due to liability considerations and out of respect for the registered participants, only one member can be on the course at a time.

Q: Can the team watch the start?

A: Yes, relay legs 2-5 can watch the start of the race before heading to the start of the their relay leg.

Q: Can I take a shuttle from leg 4 to leg 5?

A: Shuttles only transport from downtown to their respective relay legs and back. There is no shuttle transport from relay leg 4 to relay leg 5.


Top three teams for each of the following three divisions: 

  • Men’s Team Relay 
  • Men’s Masters Team Relay 
  • Women’s Team Relay 
  • Mixed Team Relay (your team consists of participants who are male, female, and/or non-binary) 
  • Mixed Masters Team Relay (your team consists of participants who are male, female, and/or non-binary) 

*For the team relay division at The Akron Marathon in September, where no prize money is involved, participants can only win one award.  Overall placements are weighted more heavily than Master’s placements, therefore if you are a team of Master’s Runners who place in the top three overall, you will be awarded as such. Awards are mailed 6-8 weeks post-race, after results have been finalized. 


  • Men’s Open – Second Sole – 2:11:32 (2012)
  • Men’s Masters – Canal Rats – 2:38:56 (2013)
  • Women’s Open – Cleveland Elite Development – 2:42:09 (2016)
  • Women’s Masters – Your Moms… – 3:13:50 (2011)
  • Mixed Open – SupportBHunt – 2:20:06 (2005)
  • Mixed Masters – Green Eggs & Hamstrings – 2:47:13 (2014)