Akron Marathon Videos

  • Check with your doctor and make sure you are healthy enough to begin exercise
  • Stop exercise if you have chest pain, are lightheaded, or experience shortness of breath and see you doctor
  • Stop exercise if you are experiencing any pain preforming the exercise
  • Adjust any exercise to fit your individual needs

Short Stretching Circuit

Short Strength Training Circuit

Workout #1

Long Jump

Plank Circle

Slow Leg Lower

Workout #2

High Knees

Shoulder Touches


Workout #3

Mountain Climber

Fire Hydrant

Reverse Plank

Workout #4

Line Hop

Plank Twist

Hands to Ceiling

Workout #5

A Skip

Tuck Up

Penguin Walk

Workout #6

Wall Sit

Triceps Dip

Slow Bicycle

Workout #7

Jack Planks

Side Leg Raise

Toe Raise

Workout #8

Ski Jump

Half Push-Up

Sit-Up Crossover

Workout #9


Plank with Leg Raise

T-Hold with Optional Hip Opening

Workout #10

Burpee with Step Back

Leg Raise to the Back

Flutter Kicks

Workout #11

Reverse Crunch

Bridge Hold