Going the Distance Sustainability Campaign

A $1,000,000 Sustainability Campaign that Sets the Pace for Tomorrow

The Akron Marathon was created through the ingenuity, creativity, business acumen and hard work of Steve and Jeannine Marks as well as hundreds of Akron and Summit County residents, runners and community, business, government and philanthropic leaders. Without the support of the AMCC, there would be no Akron Marathon events and the far-reaching benefits they provide to our community.

Going the Distance Sustainability Campaign Donors as of January 29th, 2013

Champions’ Circle – $75,000+

  • Stanley and Roberta Marks
  • Steve and Jeannine Marks
  • Roger T. and Judith A. Read Fund

Elite Athletes – $50,000 – $74,999

  • The Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation
  • Anonymous Donors

Pacesetters – $25,000 – $49,999

  • GOJO Industries Inc.
  • Thomas and Lisa Mandel
  • Maynard Family Foundation

Legacy Leaders – $10,000 – $24,999

  • Berlin Family Foundation
  • Jerry and Anne Bitong
  • Charles E. and Mary K. Booth Family Fund
  • H. Peter Burg Fund
  • Chase Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • David and Margaret Hunter
  • Mrs. Kathryn Hunter
  • Ernest E. and Mary Kay Pouttu Fund
  • Bret and Diane Treier

Marathon Milers – $5,000 – $9,999

  • Acme Fresh Markets
  • Arcadis US, Inc.
  • Bob and Susan Berk
  • The Burton D. Morgan Foundation
  • The Lehner Family Foundation
  • Don Luscher
  • Dr. & Mrs. Luiz Proenza
  • Summa Health System

Half Heroes – $2,500 – $4,999

  • Brockman, Coats, Gedelian & Company
  • The Harry K. Fox and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation
  • Ken and Judy Haver
  • Hilton Akron/Fairlawn
  • Hudson Extrusions, Inc / Brad and Bowanne Hansen
  • Meaden & Moore
  • Summa Foundation

Relay Racers – $500 – $2,499

  • Akron/Summit County Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Chuck and Anne Armao
  • Bruce and Pookie Barnes
  • Myrna Berzon
  • Glenn R. and Alice V. Boggess Memorial Foundation
  • David and Robyn Cutler
  • Dan and Amy Freeman
  • Ben and Carrie Gobrogge
  • Todd and Barb Greene
  • Pat & Linda Hart
  • Hasenstab Architects, Inc
  • Martin P. Hauser
  • Heart to Heart Communications
  • Jeffrey T and Rose Heintz
  • Junior Women’s Civic Club
  • John S. Knight Center
  • Doug & Kathy Kohl
  • Leadership Akron Class XXVII
  • Robert and Leslie Littman
  • Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Locastro
  • Bill and Anne Lowery
  • Laura McElrath
  • Marc and Sharon Merklin Fund
  • Richard & Jacqueline Merolla
  • Dr. and Mrs. Eliot Mostow
  • Joe and Cheryl Murphy
  • Harvey and Kimberly Nelson
  • Panera Bread / Covelli Enterprises
  • Paul & Anastacia Rose
  • Katie Rennard
  • Ritchie Memorial Foundation
  • Sawan & Farris
  • Tara and Dave Scott
  • Jeff and Donna Serdinak
  • Struktol Company of America
  • SGS Tool Company/ Tom Haag
  • The Smithers Group
  • Smith Foundation
  • Steere Enterprises Inc. in Memory of Mignon Steere
  • Tickets Fore Charity
  • Vorys Legal Counsel
  • Christopher and Kyrstn Was
  • Anonymous Donors

Blue Liners – $1 – $499

  • Erin Anderson
  • Cynthia Anthony-Diorio
  • Stacy Baker
  • Tony Ball
  • Jim Ballard
  • Richard Bardoulas
  • Jim and Nancy Barnett
  • Lisa and David Bates
  • Ben D. Boswell
  • Christi & Robert Bowser
  • Brett Butler
  • Jeanne Buzzi
  • Candid Photography by Nancy Williams LTD
  • Della Castro
  • Thom Carmedy
  • Chad Carney
  • Amanda Champa
  • Carol Chapin
  • ChikFilA
  • Brian Cockrell
  • Richard Cornell
  • Marie E. Covington
  • Matthew Cutler
  • James M. Dannemiller
  • Kathleen Deibel
  • John Easton
  • Marti Emerick
  • David Emmott
  • John and Rebecca Falatok
  • Ryan Fish
  • Chris Foster
  • Julie Gannon
  • David Gault
  • Jennifer Gaylor
  • Ruthie and Nick George in Memory of Mary Kapper Barry
  • Joseph Gilbride
  • Paul Guyer
  • Cathy Harbert
  • James Haviland
  • Michael Hayes
  • Katie Hench
  • Madison Hessel
  • Morgan Hessel
  • Joe Hochold
  • James and Kathleen Hogg
  • Marc Householder
  • Lisa Howell
  • Human Potential Labs LLC
  • Christopher and Leslie Huryn
  • Daisuke Itami
  • Richard Jones
  • John Kellamis
  • Ingrid Kiss
  • Jason Keating
  • Helen P. Kline
  • Howard Klions
  • Susan Kosco
  • Hollie Kozak
  • Mark Lampe
  • Philip Long
  • Karin Lopper-Orr
  • Andrew Lucic
  • Amanda Mass
  • Alisha Mazur-Cumo
  • Vince Marchetta
  • Tammy Mathia
  • Kelly McIntyre
  • Katelyn Miller
  • Timothy Mills
  • Adnan Mir
  • Laura R. & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation
  • Amanda Montgomery
  • Sheila Mosteller
  • Amber Neumeyer
  • Mike Njus
  • Paul Organ
  • The Oswitch Family
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
  • Proforma
  • Shannon Paulin
  • Randy Radik
  • Rakesh Ramachandran
  • Linda Rocchi
  • Doug Root
  • Sheryl Santos
  • Mike and Jennifer Saxon
  • Donna Schanck
  • Mark Scheffler
  • Dana Schleicher
  • James Schleicher
  • Dana Schneider
  • Renee Schneider
  • Chris Steineck
  • Mark Schikowski
  • Michael Speare
  • Mark and Cathy Schikowski
  • James Sechler
  • Gary and Mary Ann Shamis
  • Susan Shondel
  • Melissa Shust
  • Mike and Sue Sikora
  • Michael Speare
  • Laura Spelich
  • Jonathan Stanford
  • Paul & Sue Steiger
  • Kimberly Sugg
  • Linda Teodosio
  • Patti Toth
  • Curtis Walker
  • Frank Walter
  • Joseph Wasko
  • Irene Webster
  • Jane Weisenburger
  • Bonnie Lass Wojno
  • Gregory Wurgler
  • Anne Wyatt
  • Debbie Zarconi
  • Anonymous Donors

Friends of Akron Marathon

  • hfa
  • Bob Kazar and Melissa Johnson
  • Main Street Gourmet

 Going The Distance

Donate Now

The mission of the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation is to provide a world-class marathon that promotes health and fitness, stimulates the local economy, galvanizes the community and benefits charitable organizations.


Beneficiaries include:

  • Residents and businesses of Akron and Summit County that gain from the improved health and wellness of marathon participants. They also enjoy increased community pride and a documented increase in economic activity and jobs.
  • Approximately 15,000+ race participants who enjoy the health, fitness and wellness of participating in the marathon events.
  • Approximately 120,000 spectators who enjoy the excitement and national pride the event brings to the entire community.
  • Approximately 3,000 race volunteers who enjoy serving their community and supporting the athletic accomplishments of 15,000+ race participants.
  • The City of Akron and Summit County, both of which benefit from a positive city and county image as the host community of this world-class running event.


Although the Akron Marathon continues to grow at an impressive rate, there is far greater potential to expand its health, economic and community impact on Akron, Summit County and beyond. To do so, the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation has determined that it must:

  1. Enhance and grow marathon events that will retain past participants, attract new ones and help generate additional revenue.
  2. Increase educational outreach, especially to children and youth, on health, fitness and wellness.
  3. Increase its organizational capacity by adding staff and the technology needed to enhance race event operations.
  4. Provide scholarships to runners with financial limitations.
  5. Attract top-level athletes and elite runners from around the world to enhance the international appeal and prestige of the marathon.
  6. Improve the financial position, operating flexibility and sustainability of the Akron Marathon by establishing a contingency fund to pursue unanticipated opportunities and to safeguard against unforeseen events.
  7. Continue to provide marketing and philanthropic venues that benefit area nonprofits.


To raise the funds needed to accomplish these goals, the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation is initiating a Going the Distance Sustainability Campaign which will take place between the fall of 2011 and Spring 2013. The Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation has established the Akron Marathon Sustainability endowment fund at the Akron Community Foundation. Foundations, businesses and individuals are invited to support the Going the Distance Sustainability Campaign.